Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Toronto Craft Beer Festival?

It's a festival celebrating the art of small, independent, and traditional craft brewers. The festival will give you a chance to learn about your favourite craft beers and ciders or discover a new brew straight from the people who make it.

Which breweries are going to be there?

Check out our Brewers Section for more information on the awesome craft breweries that will be attending the festival. More to come!

What are the festival's hours?

The festival runs Friday, June 22, 2018 to Sunday June 24, 2018.
     • Friday VIP: 2:30pm - 10pm
     • Friday GA: 3:30pm - 10pm
     • Saturday VIP: 12:00pm - 10pm
     • Saturday GA: 1:00pm - 10pm
     • Sunday VIP: 12:00pm - 7pm
     • Sunday GA: 1:00pm - 7pm

How do I get tickets?

You can purchase tickets online using a credit card. First, pick your date, and then pick a ticket package. Easy as pie!

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Tickets can be bought up to and during the event through our website on your smartphone while supplies last. We'd recommend you buy your ticket in advance to ensure you will be able to enjoy the festival.

How do I get to the festival?

You can get there by bicycle, car, taxi, or use local transit (TTC/GO). There is plenty of parking on-site if you choose to drive. But, please don't drink and drive!

I bought a ticket (yay!) what do I need to bring to get into the festival?

You will need to print your ticket and bring it with you, or have the PDF of your ticket open on your smartphone. We suggest printing off your ticket. You will also need to bring a valid piece of government-issued Photo ID.

What are tokens used for?

Tokens will be used for sampling beer at the festival. Food is cash only.

How much do tokens cost?

Tokens are $2 each. You can buy them in advance using the Token Mobile app or at the festival.

What is the Token Mobile App?

Token allows you to view vendors and make payments right from your phone. No need to stand in line to buy tokens or pay ATM fees. You can also track what brewers you have tried and refund or donate tokens right from the app. It's FREE. For more info or Customer Support please visit or e-mail (Note: food vendors are CASH ONLY)
Go to to get the app.

How many tokens does each beer sample cost?

The vast majority of samples will be 1 token for a 5oz sample. A few of our brewers have requested to sell their premium beers at more than 1 token per 5oz sample.

What do I do with my unused tokens at the end of the festival?

Upon exiting the festival, you will have the opportunity to sell us back your tokens at the original price, $2 each. You can also donate your unused tokens to Second Harvest. If you use Token Mobile you can refund your unused tokens right from the app.

I don't want to drink alcohol, can I still come?

Of course! In fact, we are offering special Designated Driver tickets at a discounted price for those individuals who will not be drinking alcohol.

Does my ticket give me access to all days of the festival?

No. Tickets are date-specific and will only grant you access to the day specified on the ticket.

Are there any other alcoholic beverages available to sample?

Yes, we hope to be offering select craft ciders, and a special feature mixed drink – Stay Tuned.

Will any of the mega-breweries be there?

Nope. The festival will ONLY feature craft beer and cider made by independent and traditional breweries.

What food will be available?

There will be a variety of tasty food offerings! Vegetarian options will be available.

Will water be available?

Yes, there will be easily accessible water stations during the festival, as well as bottled water for sale. Please stay hydrated!

Are outside food or drinks permitted?


Can I smoke at the festival?

We are looking into this and will advise soon!

Will there be ATMs at the festival?

Yes, there will be ATMs on site.

Is there parking at the festival?

There is Ontario Place parking on-site and across the Lakeshore at the CNE. Available on a first-come, first-served basis. Other events may affect parking! Please check event schedules on- line if you plan to drive and park.

Are there washrooms at the festival?

Yes, there are fully accessible washrooms on-site.

Is the festival wheelchair accessible?

YES. The outside grounds will be accessible and there will be accessible washrooms.

Will there be music at the festival?

Yes, there will be live music, and DJs throughout the festival. TBA.

Will there be any activities at the festival?

Definitely! There will be lots of fun activities and games to play while you enjoy your beer and cider.

What is the festival glass?

Beer samples will ONLY be served in the official festival sampling glass. All samples will be 5oz, which allows room for the perfect pour.

What happens if I break or lose my festival glass?

Please be careful with your festival glass. You will be charged $20 for a replacement if you break or lose your glass.

I bought a ticket but I can't make it. Can I get a refund?

We're sorry but there are no refunds.

I bought a ticket for the wrong day, can I switch dates?

We can make no guarantees, but shoot us an email at info (at) and we'll see what we can do.

Can I bring my children?

No, this is a 19+ event. Sorry, no children of any age are permitted.

Are pets allowed?

Sorry, but no. We love doggies but unfortunately we can't have them at the venue.

Do I have to go through security to enter the festival?

Yes. All ticket holders consent to a reasonable search for prohibited items. The venue retains the right to refuse items deemed inappropriate for entry.

If I leave the festival can I come back in?

No, there will be no re-entry if you leave the event grounds.

What happens if the weather is bad?

The event is rain or shine! Come dressed to sample :)

I'm an independent craft brewer and I'd like to be part of the festival. Who do I contact?

Please email us at info (at)